We Are Sheep – an intro and word about The Sleepwalkers

Read The Sleepwalkers suspense fiction thriller by author Jim Yackel
So much of the world and specifically America is asleep. Sure, we as individuals are conscious and moving about through our days, but we’re unaware and disbelieving of the forces that are working against us while likewise using us as sacrificial lambs to achieve a larger purpose; an evil purpose. We are technologically savvy but spiritually we are regressing primates. We have seemingly an infinite number of choices and those that we make are the easiest and most self-gratifying. We believe the loudest, wealthiest, and most bombastic of messengers who through their cunning and charisma promise us everything we want while behind our backs rob us of our very souls and minds. We are being manipulated and dumbed-down; but as long as it’s entertaining and keeps us from having to grow up we’re fine with it. We’re physically awake, but we exist in a vacuous, sleepy dreamland while the wool that is sheared from our backs is being pulled over our eyes.

We choose to remain adolescent into our biological adulthood because that adolescence provides an exemption from having to face the hardships of twenty-first century life head-on. We have a zero tolerance for pain, and we do whatever is necessary to keep from feeling it. The cyber fantasy world of gaming allows us to conquer and kill each other without repercussion, because once thrust out of our comfortable suburban existences we’d be the first to perish on the mean city streets or heaven forbid – under Martial Law.

We are sheep and we are asleep; but those who we have allowed to sedate and shear us are about kick down our bedroom doors. As we scream, we realize that we’re not suffering night terrors but in fact the dawning of a new day where everything we have known has been pillaged in the name of a new one-world system where we’re nothing but slaves. But, we’re already slaves because we’ve refused to keep our eyes open and stand watch at the wall. We’ve exposed our flanks and freely given out our identities to gain a few more cyber friends that we’ll never actually meet. Every one of us is famous and every one of us is known. But who is it that truly knows us and how much do they know? And who is it that truly owns us and how much do they own?

There is a darkness coming, but we don’t have to walk alone and blind. There is a hope and deliverance. There is an escape from the worst of it. There is a spirit and a truth that we can face head-on with eyes wide open and arms outstretched. It’s our choice, but we have to wake up and make that choice because time is not our ally nor is it beckon to our whims and conveniences.

This is the story of The Sleepwalkers. Get the Amazon Kindle and paperback here.


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