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“Eyes Pried Open” Continues “The Sleepwalkers” Story

Lights out, transformation completed - Eyes Pried Open is End Times Christian Fiction

Remember that brutally cold and snowy winter of 2013-14 that much of America endured?  Are you concerned that this winter season could be a repeat or even worse than the last, as some forecasters are predicting?

Imagine living through the severe cold and snow without electric power, internet, or phone service.  You subsist on MRE, canned goods, and bottled water that has to be thawed by a propane heater that fortunately you’re able to light without electricity.  Imagine shivering while you bathe yourself with baby wipes because there’s no running water.  Those wipes are likewise used to keep your clothing as clean as it can be because obviously there are no laundromats open.  Dry shampoo does what it can for your hair and baking soda is used to brush your teeth.  And when it comes to going to the toilet, that’s done outside in the harsh cold and thigh-deep snow because even though you have limited propane heat the water in your commode is frozen – not that it could be flushed anyway.

As you struggle in these conditions to care for a precocious, orphaned five year old girl you wonder if you’re neighbors are even alive.  Have they frozen, starved, been murdered, or died from a peculiar strange flu?  But more than that, you’re suffering is multiplied as you wonder what happened to the husband that you haven’t seen in weeks.  Did government forces intent on enforcing Martial Law take him after killing the parents of the child you’re left to care for?  If he’s even alive, where in the world is he?  “How could God allow this all to happen?” you find yourself lamenting and seemingly there is no answer.

This is the life of Cheryl Seagraves and when it comes to these inhospitable conditions, she knows who is at least partially responsible for them.  But what she doesn’t know is if or how this proverbial hell on earth will end.

Eyes Pried Open – The Sleepwalkers sequel is my brand-new book release.  I’m not a prophet, but the scenario I’ve laid out in this fictional two-part tale is something that I believe could happen in non-fiction America.  The enemy is without and within.  He is manifested in the natural through man, his systems, and his desires, and driven by the supernatural at the hand of the Prince of Darkness and his minions.  But when all is said and done, it is God’s hand that will protect and preserve those who seek Him through the blood shed by savior son who is the risen king.

Eyes Pried Open and The Sleepwalkers are available on Amazon Kindle and paperback here.

Read chapter 1 of Eyes Pried Open:


One thought on ““Eyes Pried Open” Continues “The Sleepwalkers” Story

  1. Thanks for the invite to your blog Jim. Yes i remember the weird weather we had last year and am curious to see if it happens again. Hope it snows out here in vegas which makes me intrigued on your book Eyes Pried Open. Think i could get into that. You’re invited to come and check out The World of The Xenton and claim your free gift when you subscribe to our newsletter. You won’t be disappointed. Until next time my friend!

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