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Darkness then Transformation

Christian End Times Fiction The Sleepwalkers and Eyes Pried Open

His YouTube videos were posted on what was called The Black Mask Channel – and while that title was as apt as it was direct, his messages could be best described as cryptic.  He donned a black ski mask and long-sleeved t-shirt of the same hue and it appeared that he was concerned about concealing his identity while hoping to reach thousands if not millions.

Indeed, he was hiding in plain sight while admitting that he had some manner of connection to those in the know, but for his own safety he couldn’t reveal who “they” were.  And was it possible that he had more than just connections – that in fact he was one of “them”?

He described U.S., Russian, and Chinese military buildups near Syria and then informed viewers what would result.  He announced parliamentary and congressional vote counts on military action hours before they were taken, and the results were to the digit exactly as he predicted.  He warned not to be so busy watching the left hand that you didn’t see what the right hand was doing as it was all a puppet show staged by The Powers That Be.

He was accused of being a member of the Cabal – the Illuminati – one of those “powers” that be.

This man in the black ski mask was subtle and discreet – “cryptic” if you will.  But his warning for America was direct, and it was that a darkness was coming.  While most in the nation were distracted and pacified, those who were awake and aware could ponder what this “darkness” was and through the sum total of all of his messages they might narrow down the possibilities and conclude that it was as much supernatural and spiritual as it was physical.  Those who were awake and aware would not be taken by surprise, but they to had to remain focused as there was a deliberate effort to distract them as well.  As the Bible warns, even some of the “elect” would be deceived.

Darkness – then transformation…

Get The Sleepwalkers and the sequel Eyes Pried Open in Kindle and paperback here.


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