Fear of Failure – Where is God Leading You? – Inspirational Bible Verses

Darrell Creswell - A Study of Christian Grace

Isaiah 41 10 fear of failureI like reading the words of dead men. Anyone can have a flash of brilliance for a moment, but it in the span of a lifetime one gains true perspective. A lifetime is filled with failures as well as successes. It is in those failures that we learn how to succeed. The words of people who have had lifetimes of success as well as failures helps me to understand better the journey that we call life.

Volumes of books are written on success, and being successful, but it is in our failures where we can find God’s truth for our life.

Fear of failing. I hear people who say, I have never failed at anything, yet they have never tried anything that they knew that they might fail at. Instead they protect themselves but only doing the things that they consider “safe”, where they know they have no chance of…

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