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“Pictures Speak a Thousand Words” someone once said…

Certainly, some shameless self-promotion here, I confess.  I’m no graphic designer, nor have I ever played one on television.  But, I do enjoy creating promo ads for my books and posting some here may be a better alternative than letting them sink in the Pinterest sea.

The Sleepwalkers and its newly-released sequel Eyes Pried Open is an End-Times, apocalyptic series portraying a possible scenario for America and how some ordinary folks attempt to survive while their faith is tested.  Certainly, the acronyms SHTF and TEOTWAWKI apply, but it’s my hope that readers will draw something encouraging and inspiring from the tale as well.  And even though the subject matter is foreboding and may serve as a commentary on secular American culture as the nation truly is in physical and spiritual peril, readers may even find a laugh or two as well.

Of course, the Kindle and paperback versions can be found here.

And now, six of the aforementioned images:

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