End Times Prophecy Headlines: December 11, 2014

End Times Prophecy Report

Bible prophecy in Today's news headlines Bible prophecy in Today’s news headlines

End Times Prophecy Report
December 11, 2014

CommentaryAnd OPINION


EGYPT: Egypt’s president is purging its army

OPEC: OPEC collapsing? – We’ll see.

TANZANIA: Albinos killed like animals for body parts to use in magic potions

UK: Britain calls on NATO for help in hunt for submarine


REPUBLICANS BREAK CAMPAIGN PROMISES: Budget deal fully funds ObamaCare and illegal amnesty – Remember that the next time the “Obama-friendly media” calls it the “Obama amnesty.”  Amnesty couldn’t have gotten off the ground if the Republican House didn’t fund it–which they just did.

HOWEVER, the REAL story behind this headline is the continued storyline the Corporate Media keeps promoting: America’s system is broken.  It doesn’t work.  We need a new system.

Rep. Peter King: We’re Worried more about al-Qaida lives than Americans – King has never met a police state law he didn’t…

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