End Times Prophecy Headlines: December 18, 2014

End Times Prophecy Report

Bible prophecy in Today's news headlines Bible prophecy in Today’s news headlines

End Times Prophecy Report
December 18, 2014

CommentaryAnd OPINION


CUBA: Cuba releases American prisoner, begins thaw in US-Cuba relations

CUBA: Secret talks in Canada, Vatican City led to breakthrough

CUBA: Obama moves to normalize relations with Cuba – Since this move will be heavily criticized (it reminds one of Jimmy Carter giving up the Panama Canal), it would not be surprising if it comes back to bite our beloved 44th president. Since the Corporate Media’s job is to turn Obama into a universally-loathed caricature of himself (with Obama doing much of the heavy lifting), this would help move that narrative along.

UK: UK exploring rules for embryos involving three people

EGYPT: One-million mummy graveyard discovered in Egypt

RUSSIA: Shopping in Russia just got really weird – The ruble lost 19 percent of its value on Tuesday?

RUSSIA: These 15 Russian Billionaires Lost…

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