Double Download – 2 Songs for Free

We Are The Church is an uptempo Fender Telecaster-driven track with a sound that evokes the pop-rock feel of the mid 1960’s.  The Wayfarers theme song was written to accompany my fiction book trilogy of the same name.  The recording of The Wayfarers was done with two acoustic guitars, an egg shaker, and double vocal harmony with my good friend Mike Case.  Both of these songs are free to download.  Enjoy!

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You’ve Got To Treat Her With Kindness

Talking To An Angel was a track I released in 2009.  It is part of the 6 song So Very Soon E.P. that was intended to be a 10 to 12 song CD but suffered from strange technical breakdowns that didn’t allow for the record’s completion.  The hard-drive of the 16 track unit a friend and I were using mysteriously failed, and extraction of the data from it was a burdensome task that involved going to another studio and employing what was at that time a difficult to find software.  It’s a blessing that we were able to retrieve what we did and still come out with a release; albeit shorter than originally planned.

The loss of my primary recording vehicle followed by detrimental life-events served to force a hiatus from music-making.  Now in 2016, I’ve been encouraged to rekindle the music and push Talking To Angel, as I feel it’s an appealing song with a good hook and message.  The song like most of the music I create has a retro feel that may remind listeners a bit of the Beatles, Everly Brothers, and perhaps other artists from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

I hope you enjoy Talking To An Angel, and if time, tide, and world events allow there will be new music from me in 2016.