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The “Character” of the Characters Eclipses Doomsday Events?

End Times Christian Fiction The Sleepwalkers and sequel Eyes Pried Open bring a warning and a hope

America faces radical change in my fiction book The Sleepwalkers and newly-released sequel Eyes Pried Open.  The story line is based on possible events that could befall the nation as I see and sense the imminent peril within her and without her.  “Doomsday”, “SHTF” and “TEOTWAWKI” are a word and acronyms that describe the theme, and certainly they are justified.  But as this indie author has been promoting this story, I’m beginning to think I’ve been missing the mark just a tad.  As much as it is a gnarled tapestry of a nation and a people under threat, it is the people and the “character” of these characters that compels the story to come alive and perhaps I haven’t given them their due.

Fifty year old Jeff Seagraves and his wife Cheryl, who is his junior by a year, struggle to make ends meet on retail jobs better suited for younger people living at home for free in their parent’s basements.  Many in America are born with a silver spoon in their mouths, but the utensil Jeff and Cheryl each came into the world with was more akin to a plastic spork.  Still, they’re a bright and industrious couple who at one time operated a successful antiques business.  Their fortunes have changed and much has been lost, but their strong faith in Christ and their deep love for each other are unbreakable binds that hold them together.  Individually, they struggle with torment and addiction that may have a supernatural and generational root, and it’s the aforementioned faith and love that allow them to fight that spiritual warfare and continue marching on despite chronic setbacks.  And, it is that faith that makes them “watchers on the wall” as they know that the End of Days is nigh and America will not remain as a shining city on the hill.  They see an increasingly debauched and depraved society and culture that has turned from God and made a false god of itself.  They rely on the online alternative news media as well as Twitter and various YouTube channels for their information, as they know that the corporate mainstream news is bought, paid-for, and manipulated to promote an agenda-driven product that doesn’t often feature the truth…

…and it is on YouTube that Jeff discovers the first of a series of videos by The Black Mask Channel – and the mysterious man donning the black ski-mask offers a dire warning that is perhaps as cryptic as it is compelling.

Does the Black Mask know what’s about to happen to America?  If so, how does he know?  Who is the man behind the mask and why does he conceal his identity?

When it comes to characters, this two-part fictional tale features many that I hope that the reader would find memorable.  While most are average Americans, a few are well…shall we say…”supernatural.”

But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. ~ 2 Timothy 3:1

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of
this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. ~ Ephesians 6:12

Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. ~ Hebrews 13:2

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A Love Story? Well No, Not Really…

Will their marriage survive the collapse of America? The Sleepwalkers and sequel Eyes Pried Open - End-Times fiction reading
Jeff and Cheryl Seagraves are man and wife and each other’s very best friends.

He refers to her eyes as “enchanting emeralds” and says that she’s “the best girl ever.” He tells her that he loves her more than “all the rock salt in Siberia.”

To say that her love for him is powerful would be an understatement. She doesn’t think that she could have kicked her addiction to alcohol without his kind and patient encouragement. She’s a devoted wife who believes she’d a train-wreck without him. He’s strong, but despite her belief that she’d fall apart without him it may be Cheryl who is possessed of the greatest strength.

He frets over her physical health while she’s concerned about where he’s at mentally. Remaining from his past are the scars of spiritual and mental abuse, while her past abuses were more physical. Indeed, they worry for each other and they pray for deliverance from past torments that linger into their present life like soul-sucking leeches that can’t be plucked from their flesh.

Together they’ve suffered the loss of a baby moments after birth. They’ve endured the collapse of a business that was the realization of the American Dream of gainful self-employment. Now, they work dead-end retail jobs and struggle to keep a beaten-up Toyota running and pay a nominal rent.

They don’t believe in Republicans, Democrats, and political saviors. They buy little of what the corporate mainstream news media sells them as they know that the message is massaged to fit an agenda. They share a faith in Jesus that is constantly tested but remains rock-solid, tried, and true. Jeff and Cheryl are awake and aware while seemingly most Americans live in a distracted slumber. They watch the world and transpiring events through the alternative news media, YouTube, and Twitter and seek God’s discernment as they try to separate fact from sensationalism. They know America is in peril and they do what they can to prepare for the collapse. They know that something potentially-cataclysmic is coming.

Indeed, they’ve shared and suffered together and their bond is like rust-resistant, zinc-plated tow chain. Wouldn’t it be tragic if something separated them?

Check out The Sleepwalkers and newly-released sequel Eyes Pried Open on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

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Survival In a Collapsing America – The Sleepwalkers and Eyes Pried Open


The 2016 U.S. election period has engulfed us and become part of the ongoing distraction process.  In its wake, will there be renewed hope for America’s future, or more business as usual?  No matter your political affiliation, do you expect significant change, or is the nation on a collision course that will not be altered?  Would it be a far-fetched notion to consider that despite a monumental Republican victory, that no American politicians of any political stripe are in control; that their arms, legs, and jaws are attached to metaphorical strings being manipulated by literal puppet-masters? Are their brains cogitating on what is best for America’s prosperity, security, sovereignty, and survival, or is there another plan?  Do millions of citizens even know or care, or with indifference do they mutter “cool, yo” and “all good, bruh” and “whatever” as they stare at the displays on their smartphones?

Will there even be a 2016 presidential election?  Do I appear to be a crazy conspiracy-theorist?

My fiction book The Sleepwalkers and its sequel Eyes Pried Open portray an America in what could be the most perilous time in her history.  Now, I must state that I am a follower of Christ; however I don’t feel in my spirit that He has gifted me with the prophetic.  Still, this two-part fictional tale lays out a possible scenario that is based on what I see escalating in the nation and the world today.  This is a dangerous time in which we live. We’re surrounded by enemies without and infiltrated by those within.  The enemies without have significant sway over the enemies within who are in positions of wealth, status, and power.  The Book of Revelation alludes to a one world religion and government made up of ten kingdoms run by the Anti-Christ and his “beast” system. Certainly the U.S. wouldn’t be left free-standing, all-sovereign, and exempt from this rule.  In this book series, I fictionalize events that lead to what could be the end of the nation as we know it.

I must warn readers that this series contains a sprinkling of strong language as characters speak and act realistically.  We’re miles and generations from Walton’s Mountain and don’t reside in little house on a prairie. Still, there is one merciful hope and we can run the race and finish it with grace.

Check out The Sleepwalkers and sequel Eyes Pried Open on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

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“I am the Spirit that pervades” End-Times Fiction

End-Times Fiction - The Sleepwalkers and sequel Eyes Pried Open

There is a telephone conversation between three world leaders that takes place in my novel The Sleepwalkers.  The primary topic of their chat is how to deal with two pressing issues: America and Israel.  Without giving away too much, I’ll say that these three leaders view the two aforementioned nations as thorns in their sides that need to be extracted.  Their are nefarious plans being tossed back and forth, and before a final solution can be drawn up, a fourth party enters the phone conversation – a party who was not invited to take part in the conference call.  Of course, the three dignitaries are confused as to who it is that’s crashed their friendly conversation and how it was that he was able to get access to their secure line.  The fourth party has a deal for each of the dignitaries, and the upside should they accept is that their goals of resolving the American and Israeli issues would be easily met.  But, should they decline to accept the deals, some significant and shall we say “long-lasting” problems may occur.

He who hi-jacks that call is referred to as the “Voice.”  He knows more about the three dignitaries than they feel comfortable with, and he might use his knowledge to coerce them into accepting his offers.  He’s intimidating and threatening and knocks the three powerful figures back on their proverbial heels.  But, he could be a tremendous help, and it’s likely that where these three are concerned he’s been influencing them and those in the “Cabal” all along.  What follows is the final statement from the Voice before he terminates the call:

The Voice: “I am the Baal of Cabal. I am the illumination of what they call Illuminati. I am the plagues and the pestilences. I am lust, perversion, addiction, delusion, anxiety, depression, poverty, hunger, and fear. I am greed and malice. I am the spirit that pervades, I’m Cancer and I am AIDS. Now, as I said at the beginning of this delightful little chat, I could continue to spout my credentials but I am short on time. In summary gentlemen, if you succeed you will be exalted as part of the new class of rulers over a glorious new kingdom. But, if you fail me, I am eternal misery from which you will receive no pardon.”

Get The Sleepwalkers and newly-released sequel Eyes Pried Open on Amazon Kindle and paperback here.

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Could the Autumn Be the “Fall”?

The Sleepwalkers and Eyes Pried Open - Christian End Times fiction concerning America

Autumn has always been my favorite time of year – more specifically the period of time from Labor Day right through Christmas.  I don’t enjoy the heat of the summer and spring time is seemingly a transition period from the worst of the winter (January and February) into the humidity and heat of July, August, and even early September.  For this writer, the fall is refreshment, renewal, and yes, I love the music and the color of the Christmas season.  Most of all, Christmas is to me the time of celebration of the birth of my Lord and Savior, and He is light, love, and life everlasting.

Now, the dichotomy.  As much as autumn may be in my view the most wonderful time of the year, I’ve felt for several years now that America would be touched by one or a series of events during that time that would forever and irreparably change its future.  The recent autumns have passed without cataclysmic change, but those of us who keenly watch world events in 2014 see clearly that America is in danger and the threats that loom come from both within and without.  I don’t need to mention all of the specifics as they are clearly evident to those with opened eyes, but this fall feels “hotter” than those in recent years past – and they were warm ones if you get my drift.

My fiction books have all been centered on the autumn months and the Christmas season.  I’ve always felt led to create stories that take place during that time of year, and The Sleepwalkers and newly-released sequel Eyes Pried Open follow suite.  While cool breezes make fallen leaves dance along the streets and trails of our lives, there are movements and machinations in the shadows that would belie the placidity of this grand season.  While so many Americans are gearing up to full-tilt party mode during this extended holiday season that begins this Thanksgiving week and won’t end until New Year’s Day, others will choose to be as much alert, sober, and watchful as thankful.

The Sleepwalkers and Eyes Pried Open is “what if” fiction based on what I as the author see and feel.  During that most wonderful time of year, things in America change and a cast of characters from many walks of life are forced to deal with the outcome.  These are people like you and me.  Some kept their eyes open and weren’t surprised, while others had to have their eyes pried open.  The Amazon Kindle and paperback versions are available here.

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“Mommy, I didn’t go for the kill shot. I just got him in the leg”

The Sleepwalkers and Eyes Pried Open - Christian End-Times post-apocalyptic fiction in Kindle and paperback

What follows is an excerpt from Eyes Pried Open, the sequel to my novel The Sleepwalkers.  It involves a tense exchange between Cheryl Seagraves and precocious five-year old Elaine Brown, who has become Cheryl’s daughter by default for want of a better term.  The scene plays out during a perilous time in America’s history – or could it be in the nation’s immediate future?  I hope you enjoy the read.  The Sleepwalkers and Eyes Pried Open are available in Amazon Kindle and paperback here.  (c) 2014 all rights reserved.

Despite her clouded vision, she could tell it was Elaine who was rising from a seated position and then standing in the snow between the fire pit and the street. More disconcertingly, the hump that had staggered away and now writhed in the street was a man.

She was tipsy, undernourished, lacked sufficient sleep, and stressed to the edge of collapse, but her body proved a reliable friend that would not fail as she sprinted with the speed that used to provide her escape from the abusive drunken father that would chase her for her “corrective beating.” “Elaine! Elaine!” she screamed, and within thirty seconds she was stomping through the wet snow of the front yard. Cheryl struggled to speak and breathe in concert, but Elaine connected the dots as she exclaimed “he tried to steal from us and I used the gun that was Jeff’s! I shot the guy and it knocked me over on my butt!”

There was a trail of blood splatters across the snow that led to where “the guy” had momentarily lay in the street before his own adrenaline got him on his feet and he hobbled screaming toward the former Police station – but no help would be found. And if anyone else heard his shrieks of pain, they didn’t respond if they were even in a position to, which was questionable.

“Mommy, I didn’t go for the kill shot. I just got him in the leg I think. I’ll bet I taught him a good lesson!” Elaine gushed in excitement fueled by her own adrenaline.

“Elaine, give me the gun! No, point it sideways first!” Cheryl commanded as she snatched the Ruger from the child who stood proudly with the back of her legs and the seat of her pants mottled with snow. Elaine’s satisfied look of “job well done” quickly morphed into a frown as Cheryl panted “I told you not to touch the guns!”

Elaine’s pink cheeks flushed red and tears formed steaming pools on them as she answered “you weren’t here and he tried to take our stuff. I was looking in the house when I woke up and you were gone. He was knocking and I opened the door ‘cuz I thought Jeff came home ‘cuz it sounded loud like a man knock. I unlocked the door, and then I opened it, and he was an army man who talked like Arnold Shorts ‘n legger…”

“Arnold Schwarzenegger?” Cheryl interrupted; not knowing if she should laugh and likewise not certain that the explanation was plausible.

“Yes, mommy, he had army clothes on and he said that he needed some of our food and that if I didn’t give it to him the united navies would come…”

“United Nations?” Cheryl again interrupted, and there was something in the earnestness of the child’s explanation that was starting to be convincing.

“Yes, the United Nations” Elaine replied.

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Isis, Crisis, and Red Stripe Cards?

In my previous post is six promo ads for my End-Times fiction novel The Sleepwalkers and the newly-released sequel Eyes Pried Open.  Just for kicks I’ve added everything else that I’ve created for the series up to this point – but I’m sure there will be more.  These and the other six promos are used on Twitter to promote the books.  When clicked on, most are 800 pixels wide and 400 pixels high, but a few of the initial ones that I created are larger; having just recently determined by trial and error that the 800 x 400 seems to be the perfect size for Twitter.

Again, it’s shameless self-promotion I confess.  Still, I hope you find them intriguing, and if you’d like to see the others check out my previous post here.  And, I would be remiss if I didn’t include a link to get The Sleepwalkers and Eyes Pried Open in Amazon Kindle and paperback here.

Thanks for reading, and God bless you.