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Fishing, False Walrus, and a Fender Telecaster


The title of this blog may not make any sense to the casual observer.  The life of Will Gailey didn’t make much sense and for him conditions on the ground were in a word – hellish.

Our man Will was an “over the hill” singer-songwriter that ran an online model train business that was passed down from his father.  Will had grown to hate the business and most everything and everyone else he’d come into contact with.  Not being completely overtaken with hate, there was that was one thing that Will loved and it was fishing the old Erie Canal in the upstate New York towns of Warners and Camillus.  Fishing was a source of peace for Will, but at the time of this tale even that activity was becoming just another headache for him – and crushing headaches were a chronic problem indeed.

Band-mates acknowledged that Will had gone through changes.  Yes, something terrible had happened to Will that provoked him to be his most ornery and contemptuous self.   While those closest to him knew, it seemed that Will had forgotten what it was that had impacted his life so severely.  Yes, it seemed that “remembering” was something that he’d developed difficulty with.  Fits of rage were his offense and defense.  Headaches, rage, impatience, and perhaps a little issue with addiction had him in a proverbial vice.

Will knew love well, but did he forget it?  Or, was there something that he was blotting out because facing it was more than he could bear.  There was another love – the truest love – but he could only shake his fist in anger at it.  There was supernatural interference in his life because the love that could stand it the gap and protect him had been pushed away.

Will and his life were out of control.  While memory was a strain for him, he was remembered.  While what he loved had become trauma, he couldn’t or wouldn’t remember how much he was loved, despite devastating circumstances he couldn’t understand.

Would Will survive, or himself be a mere memory?

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Survival In a Collapsing America – The Sleepwalkers and Eyes Pried Open


The 2016 U.S. election period has engulfed us and become part of the ongoing distraction process.  In its wake, will there be renewed hope for America’s future, or more business as usual?  No matter your political affiliation, do you expect significant change, or is the nation on a collision course that will not be altered?  Would it be a far-fetched notion to consider that despite a monumental Republican victory, that no American politicians of any political stripe are in control; that their arms, legs, and jaws are attached to metaphorical strings being manipulated by literal puppet-masters? Are their brains cogitating on what is best for America’s prosperity, security, sovereignty, and survival, or is there another plan?  Do millions of citizens even know or care, or with indifference do they mutter “cool, yo” and “all good, bruh” and “whatever” as they stare at the displays on their smartphones?

Will there even be a 2016 presidential election?  Do I appear to be a crazy conspiracy-theorist?

My fiction book The Sleepwalkers and its sequel Eyes Pried Open portray an America in what could be the most perilous time in her history.  Now, I must state that I am a follower of Christ; however I don’t feel in my spirit that He has gifted me with the prophetic.  Still, this two-part fictional tale lays out a possible scenario that is based on what I see escalating in the nation and the world today.  This is a dangerous time in which we live. We’re surrounded by enemies without and infiltrated by those within.  The enemies without have significant sway over the enemies within who are in positions of wealth, status, and power.  The Book of Revelation alludes to a one world religion and government made up of ten kingdoms run by the Anti-Christ and his “beast” system. Certainly the U.S. wouldn’t be left free-standing, all-sovereign, and exempt from this rule.  In this book series, I fictionalize events that lead to what could be the end of the nation as we know it.

I must warn readers that this series contains a sprinkling of strong language as characters speak and act realistically.  We’re miles and generations from Walton’s Mountain and don’t reside in little house on a prairie. Still, there is one merciful hope and we can run the race and finish it with grace.

Check out The Sleepwalkers and sequel Eyes Pried Open on Amazon Kindle and paperback.

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Deception, Distraction, Transformation – The Sleepwalkers and Eyes Pried Open

The Sleepwalkers and Eyes Pried Open - Christian End Times fiction concerning America

The Sleepwalkers and its newly-released sequel Eyes Pried Open is in part a tale featuring a man and wife struggling to make ends meet on low-wage jobs while so many others appear to be living the literal and proverbial “high-life” of new cars, high-end homes, and a wellspring of cash and credit to spend.  Our main character Jeff Seagraves services these “swells” as he toils in a convenience store situated in an upscale American community.  These are present-day Americans who are connected through Instagram and Facebook but disconnected from the peril that is creeping across their nation like a noxious, invisible gas.  Many have impressive stock portfolios, but don’t have a stock of items that may preserve their lives in the event of national emergency.  Even the laborers that do the landscaping and pool cleaning for the swells appear to be doing well as they can afford to spend money daily on 30-racks of Keystone beer, blunt wraps, and gasoline for the guzzling V-8 engines in their current model pickup trucks.

In this upscale community the lies of the mainstream media are being proven as true.  While a relatively small of the convenience store’s customers struggle to survive, most are prospering while being clueless to the danger that their nation is facing.  For them, the economy under a Marxist president continues to churn as though Marxism and Capitalism are synonymous.

Jeff and his wife Cheryl rely on the alternative news media for their information.  They know that things are not as they appear.  There is a deception that is keeping scales over the eyes of most, and through their faith in Christ they know that lying, deceiving spirits will fool even the elect.  Certainly, those who follow the false god of self are living the good life, but for how long?  Is anyone paying attention, or is the warm bed of self-absorption too comfortable a place to rise up from?

In the story as in reality, lying, deceiving spirits are lurking in the shadows of the fortress of American wellness and prosperity.  America has an enemy within who seems hellbent on preparing her for absorption into the prophesied beast system and one world government.  There’s a supernatural battle that most don’t see if they would even care to pay attention.  There is a darkness coming, but too many are blinded by the effulgence of those bearing a false light.  There were warnings issued, but they were laughed off as conspiracy theories.

A president promised “transformation” and a YouTube v-logger warned of a coming darkness.  Did darkness and transformation come, and were Jeff and Cheryl physically and spiritually prepared?

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And Jesus answered and said to them: “Take heed that no one deceives you. ~ Matthew 24:4

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“Pictures Speak a Thousand Words” someone once said…

Certainly, some shameless self-promotion here, I confess.  I’m no graphic designer, nor have I ever played one on television.  But, I do enjoy creating promo ads for my books and posting some here may be a better alternative than letting them sink in the Pinterest sea.

The Sleepwalkers and its newly-released sequel Eyes Pried Open is an End-Times, apocalyptic series portraying a possible scenario for America and how some ordinary folks attempt to survive while their faith is tested.  Certainly, the acronyms SHTF and TEOTWAWKI apply, but it’s my hope that readers will draw something encouraging and inspiring from the tale as well.  And even though the subject matter is foreboding and may serve as a commentary on secular American culture as the nation truly is in physical and spiritual peril, readers may even find a laugh or two as well.

Of course, the Kindle and paperback versions can be found here.

And now, six of the aforementioned images:

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“Eyes Pried Open” Continues “The Sleepwalkers” Story

Lights out, transformation completed - Eyes Pried Open is End Times Christian Fiction

Remember that brutally cold and snowy winter of 2013-14 that much of America endured?  Are you concerned that this winter season could be a repeat or even worse than the last, as some forecasters are predicting?

Imagine living through the severe cold and snow without electric power, internet, or phone service.  You subsist on MRE, canned goods, and bottled water that has to be thawed by a propane heater that fortunately you’re able to light without electricity.  Imagine shivering while you bathe yourself with baby wipes because there’s no running water.  Those wipes are likewise used to keep your clothing as clean as it can be because obviously there are no laundromats open.  Dry shampoo does what it can for your hair and baking soda is used to brush your teeth.  And when it comes to going to the toilet, that’s done outside in the harsh cold and thigh-deep snow because even though you have limited propane heat the water in your commode is frozen – not that it could be flushed anyway.

As you struggle in these conditions to care for a precocious, orphaned five year old girl you wonder if you’re neighbors are even alive.  Have they frozen, starved, been murdered, or died from a peculiar strange flu?  But more than that, you’re suffering is multiplied as you wonder what happened to the husband that you haven’t seen in weeks.  Did government forces intent on enforcing Martial Law take him after killing the parents of the child you’re left to care for?  If he’s even alive, where in the world is he?  “How could God allow this all to happen?” you find yourself lamenting and seemingly there is no answer.

This is the life of Cheryl Seagraves and when it comes to these inhospitable conditions, she knows who is at least partially responsible for them.  But what she doesn’t know is if or how this proverbial hell on earth will end.

Eyes Pried Open – The Sleepwalkers sequel is my brand-new book release.  I’m not a prophet, but the scenario I’ve laid out in this fictional two-part tale is something that I believe could happen in non-fiction America.  The enemy is without and within.  He is manifested in the natural through man, his systems, and his desires, and driven by the supernatural at the hand of the Prince of Darkness and his minions.  But when all is said and done, it is God’s hand that will protect and preserve those who seek Him through the blood shed by savior son who is the risen king.

Eyes Pried Open and The Sleepwalkers are available on Amazon Kindle and paperback here.

Read chapter 1 of Eyes Pried Open:


Read Chapter 1 of THE SLEEPWALKERS

Jeff Seagraves is a frustrated and struggling convenience store clerk who is out of his element toiling for the MacsMarket. Oh, but that is merely just the tip of the iceberg in this suspenseful tale that is based on the natural and supernatural battles faced in the current time in which we live. Sure, The Sleepwalkers is fiction; but could the events that unfold throughout the book have a connection to the literal scene-scape that the world faces right now? Certainly, the only way to find out is to read chapter one!


We Are Sheep – an intro and word about The Sleepwalkers

Read The Sleepwalkers suspense fiction thriller by author Jim Yackel
So much of the world and specifically America is asleep. Sure, we as individuals are conscious and moving about through our days, but we’re unaware and disbelieving of the forces that are working against us while likewise using us as sacrificial lambs to achieve a larger purpose; an evil purpose. We are technologically savvy but spiritually we are regressing primates. We have seemingly an infinite number of choices and those that we make are the easiest and most self-gratifying. We believe the loudest, wealthiest, and most bombastic of messengers who through their cunning and charisma promise us everything we want while behind our backs rob us of our very souls and minds. We are being manipulated and dumbed-down; but as long as it’s entertaining and keeps us from having to grow up we’re fine with it. We’re physically awake, but we exist in a vacuous, sleepy dreamland while the wool that is sheared from our backs is being pulled over our eyes.

We choose to remain adolescent into our biological adulthood because that adolescence provides an exemption from having to face the hardships of twenty-first century life head-on. We have a zero tolerance for pain, and we do whatever is necessary to keep from feeling it. The cyber fantasy world of gaming allows us to conquer and kill each other without repercussion, because once thrust out of our comfortable suburban existences we’d be the first to perish on the mean city streets or heaven forbid – under Martial Law.

We are sheep and we are asleep; but those who we have allowed to sedate and shear us are about kick down our bedroom doors. As we scream, we realize that we’re not suffering night terrors but in fact the dawning of a new day where everything we have known has been pillaged in the name of a new one-world system where we’re nothing but slaves. But, we’re already slaves because we’ve refused to keep our eyes open and stand watch at the wall. We’ve exposed our flanks and freely given out our identities to gain a few more cyber friends that we’ll never actually meet. Every one of us is famous and every one of us is known. But who is it that truly knows us and how much do they know? And who is it that truly owns us and how much do they own?

There is a darkness coming, but we don’t have to walk alone and blind. There is a hope and deliverance. There is an escape from the worst of it. There is a spirit and a truth that we can face head-on with eyes wide open and arms outstretched. It’s our choice, but we have to wake up and make that choice because time is not our ally nor is it beckon to our whims and conveniences.

This is the story of The Sleepwalkers. Get the Amazon Kindle and paperback here.